motorex brake fluid dot 4

BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, premium brake fluid of outstanding quality, with a high wet boiling point and thus extreme safety reserve against vapour lock.
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Quantity 250ml APPLICATION May damage paints, varnishes and some plastics. May only be poured into systems designed for brake fluids. ADVANTAGE high wet boiling point extreme safety reserve against vapour lock can be mixed with all brake fluids with the same specifications specially suited to state-of-the-art ABS and ADS systems NOTES Mixing with mineral oil, even in tiny amounts, must be avoided under all circumstances. Observe the vehicle manufacturer's change intervals.
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HSN Code 27101990, gst=18, dp_excluding_gst=537, use=brake, brand=Motorex, product_brand=Motorex
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